Affordable Remote Learning
Knowledge doesn't just come, we have to go and get it.

What we do at EduWay

Pathway for your child

We provide a diagnostic of your child's level. From this, we develop personalised lesson plans to address any knowledge gaps and also enable progress with new knowledge and skills.

We take care of the teaching

Our comprehensive curriculum includes over 12,000 video lessons taught by qualified teachers to ensure thorough understanding of lesson materials

We provide support

Should your child have any questions or need further clarification, instead of having to ask you as the parent/guardian, we provide expert support via a Helpdesk with Expert Qualified Teachers.

Minimal parent time required

Our learning platform is built to be safe and effective with no need for parents to tutor their child in the learning. Instead we provide updates on your child’s progress, allowing you to spend more time on other matters.

Flexible to fit your schedule

24/7 Access to their personalised curriculum and Education TV channel

Access to our TV Channel

Unique Education TV channel. Thousands of bespoke tutorials and lessons on specific topics delivered by qualified teachers

How it benefits your child, family and school

How the child benefits

✓ Individual Study Plans in children aged 5 – 16.
✓ Working at their own pace with no peer pressure.
✓ Supported by a free Teacher Helpline with UK-based Qualified Teachers six days a week.
✓ Boosts their confidence and enthusiasm.
✓ Builds a solid foundation for academic success.
✓ Education TV channel free access

How the family benefits​

✓ Flexible to fit around a busy family life schedule.
✓ Programmes for all of your children tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses.
✓ Quality courses fully mapped and aligned to the National Curriculum for England
✓ Excellent value for money: A cost-effective alternative to expensive home tutors or centre-based tuition.

How the school benefits

✓ Our platform provides extended and personalised learning pathways.
✓ Our programmes support schools to narrow the achievement gap.
✓ Our content supports students to re-engage with learning and boost attendance, self-esteem and commitment to learning.


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